Yowza. We have a retirement savings problem

by Michael Tarsala

We really do have a savings problem in the U.S.

A fresh survey from the trade group LIMRA says 49% of Americans are saving nothing for retirement in either an IRA or 401k.

The stats are even worse for the younger generation.

Then you look at the latest from Fidelity Investments: A 65-year-old couple will need about $240,000 to cover medical expenses during retirement. Even if you own a home, you still have to eat, get around, pay property taxes and utilities — it all adds up!

The good and bad news is that people are living longer – another reason only a little more than half of Americans feel financially prepared to live even to age 75.

What can you do?

We at Covestor have experienced retirement account managers with IRA-suitable models.

An IRA is a great way to give Covesting a try. We’ll match the actions of your chosen manager in your account, trade for trade. And we can help you spread your risk across different strategies and find a solution with low minimums and fees.

Call us. We like to talk, and are here to help.