Try Covesting with an IRA Rollover

by Bhargav Shivarthy

Satisfied with your recent retirement account returns?

Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy.

A retirement rollover is a great way to give Covesting a try. We can guide you through the process of finding a money manager that matches your goals and risk tolerance. Then the actions of your chosen manager are matched in your account, trade for trade.

We can also help you spread your risk across several different models and find a solution with low minimums and fees.

Here are some potential options among our many retirement models that could be working for you today:

A Diverse, Risk-Averse Investment:

The Global Diversified Conservative model is a risk-averse choice, based on its low Covestor Risk Score. It offers significant diversification, as well as low volatility. The model is run by Oceanic Capital’ s Thomas Yorke, an institutional investment professional for 25 years. Yorke spreads the model’s risk across domestic, international and emerging market equities, foreign exchange, commodities, energy and real estate.

From Risk-Adjusted Return Leader:

The High-Yield Buybacks model is run by David Fried, editor and publisher of “The Buyback Letter”, which was named No.1 in risk-adjusted returns by Hulbert Financial Digest, the authority on newsletters. Stocks in his portfolio need to be buying back their shares, have a yield higher than the S&P 500, and also have a healthy S&P credit rating.

The Zig When Others Zag Approach:

The Taxable Income model uses a truly unique strategy for retirement accounts. Dan Plettner puts his 20 years of investment experience to work finding value in closed-end funds and other under-followed securities. He seeks to significantly beat bond funds and ETFs with a target yield of 6 -10%.

We can help you find other models that may be suited to you, including:

  • A Global Diversified Moderate model from Thomas Yorke at Oceanic that also spreads the investment risk, but seeks higher returns than his Conservative offering.
  • The Stable High Yield Model from John Gerard Lewis , which carries a low Covestor risk rating and leverages his 30 years of industry experience.
  • A Diversified Bond model run by Vinay Munikoti at System Research that uses a quantitative investment strategy.
  • The Net Payout Yield model from Mark Holder at Stone Fox Capital that invests in large-cap stocks with high dividends that are buying back shares.
  • A Tortoise and the Hare value strategy from Rocco Huang, finance Ph.D, former research economist, and a Fellow at the Wharton Financial Institutions Center.
  • The Domestic Dividend model from Jim Wright and John Fattibene at Harvest Financial Partners, which takes a bottom-up approach to finding well managed companies with dividend-paying stocks.
  • The American Values model from managers Carter LeCraw and George Parks. It seeks fundamental values and stocks with a track record of total return.

So if you believe in active asset management like we do, open your account and start Covesting today.

Or if you have any question don’t hesitate to call me, Bhargav, at 866.825.3005 or send an email to me at