General Electric delivers a stock shock

The latest news from General Electric (GE) is a disaster on so many fronts in my opinion.

The industrial bellwether unveiled a restructuring plan that cuts the annual dividend by $4 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal, and aims to streamline the company’s operations


In my view, the dividend cut wasn’t the worst part; it was that 2018 guidance that sank the stock.

Source: Mott Capital

The dividend cut, as we discussed, was widely expected, but the guidance for 2018, was even worse than what the GE bears and even I had feared.

Tough Guidance

Full-year earnings guidance was cut to $1.00 from to $1.07 per share.

In my view, that makes the current stock price of around $20 just too expensive.

Source: Bloomberg

Given that there’s nearly no earnings growth on the horizon, this is a position I can no longer hold on to.

Photo Credit: gerlos via Flickr Creative Commons