The top 10 Smarter Investing blog posts of 2013 as voted by you


Only a few hours of trading left in 2013, and what a year it has been.

The S&P 500 is on track for a gain of more than 30% and the index continues to set new record highs. Gold will see its first losing year in over a decade and the 10-year Treasury note yield is back up to 3%.

At the Smarter Investing blog, we enjoyed keeping you on top of what’s going on in the financial markets. We hope you gained investing insight from our market commentary and updates from the nearly 100 portfolio managers on the Covestor platform.

Here are the 10 most popular Smarter Investing blog posts of 2013 as voted by you, our readers:

  1. 3D printing is a lot of hype and it’ll never go mainstream

  2. Plain packaging: The biggest threat yet to Big Tobacco

  3. Go America! Why Goldman Sachs thinks the US economy still reigns supreme

  4. The most important difference between Facebook and Google

  5. How Eric Steiman is positioning for 2014 after a monster year

  6. We like AIG and Bank of America heading into 2013

  7. Wise move for 2013? Buy corporate bonds

  8. Beware! Tesla is a bubble just waiting to burst

  9. The stock rally is showing signs of fatigue

  10. Inflation warning: check out the spread between TIPS and Treasuries

Happy New Year and good luck investing in 2014 from the Smarter Investing blog and the entire Covestor team.

Photo Credit: Freimut