2013 by the numbers: Best and worst investments


2013 will go down as one of the best years in history for U.S. stock investors with the S&P 500 poised for a gain of more than 30%.

Yet the U.S. wasn’t even the top developed market this year. Japanese stocks turned in even stronger performance as the Nikkei 225 surged nearly 60%.

Other areas of the market delivering big rallies this this year included small-cap stocks, clean energy, biotechs, social media and specialized financial firms.

Here are some of the top-performing ETFs in 2013:


On the other side of the coin, this year’s biggest flops included miners, emerging markets, precious metals, commodities and volatility hedges.

Here are some of the worst-performing ETFs in 2013 that may appeal to contrarian investors:

Looking ahead to 2014, here are four potential market scenarios and how to invest for each one.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Data for ETF performance: Morningstar

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