Global stock market return score card for 2013

Below is a look at the year-to-date stock market performance of 77 countries around the world as of June 7. Of the 77 countries shown, the average 2013 performance is +7.11%. Fifty-seven of the 77 countries are in the green for the year, 19 are down and one is flat.

As shown, Dubai is up the most in 2013 with a gain of 49.25%. Nigeria ranks second with a gain of 40.91%, followed by Abu Dhabi in third at 36.81%. While it has fallen off a cliff recently, Japan remains the best performing country of the G7 so far this year with a gain of 23.88%.  The US ranks 2nd of the G7 with a gain of 14.91%, followed by the UK (8.72%) and Germany (8.44%).  France is 5th out of 7 with a gain of 6.36%, while Italy ranks 6th at just +2.57. Canada has been the worst performing G7 country so far this year with a decline of 0.42%.

The BRICs have been extremely weak so far this year. India is doing the best of the bunch with a gain of 0.01%, while Brazil and Russia are the second and third worst performing countries on the entire list. Only Peru has been worse this year with a decline of 22.63%.