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Portfolio rebalancing in our opinion is one of those investing maxims that sounds good in theory but is difficult to pull off in practice.

Rebalancing is all about regularly realigning the weightings of a portfolio’s asset allocations in a disciplined way to stay on track with strategic investment goals. 

It’s a rules-based approach that reallocates portfolio weight away from securities that have recently outperformed to those that have underperformed.

smart beta

Portfolio Drift

Investors who don’t rebalance may find themselves overexposed to rich asset classes and underexposed to cheap ones. That can be risky.

Trouble is, individual investors sometimes have a hard time selling past winners or taking short-term losses. Emotions keep getting in the way.

What’s more, traditional passive investment products that have become popular in recent years typically don’t have a rebalancing feature.

Smart beta

If you see the value in regular portfolio rebalancing, smart beta strategies may be an option.

Smart beta strategies are one of the most popular and powerful trends in investing.

Smart beta ETFs are carefully constructed indexes that rank stocks by traits other than their market value, the standard methodology employed by traditional benchmarks, such as the Standard & Poor’s 500.

Factor Investing

Instead, these products focus on “factors,” such as growth, value, dividends, volatility or other financial metrics that offer the possibility of market-beating performance and reduced portfolio risk.

Covestor has introduced a new lineup of smart beta portfolios designed for exposure to desirable stock characteristics such as robust growth, valuation, quality, and dividends.

The Covestor Smart Beta product has filters to screen out undesirable stocks and a repeatable rules-based framework to determine position allocations.

Auto Rebalancing

Portfolios are rebalanced quarterly; stocks sold are replaced by new ones with more attractive characteristics

And with an 8 basis point management fee, Covestor Smart Beta portfolios are competitive with existing products in the marketplace.

Interested in finding out more? You can learn more about Covestor, or try our services with a free trial account. Or check out this informative video.

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