Investing with emerging managers on Covestor


At Covestor, we believe that Wall Street doesn’t have a monopoly on innovative ideas and investing talent. Especially with all the information, market data and research so readily available today through the Internet and social media.

The investing playing field has never been this level, and it continues to get flatter.

Covestor’s online marketplace gives individuals the chance to invest alongside emerging managers who oversee smaller asset bases. Investors are able to research managers and choose from 140 portfolios.

Everything is transparent and we even give individuals the opportunity to examine the portfolios’ top holdings, recent trades, investment approach, risk scores and other metrics. Investors choose portfolios, and the manager’s trades are replicated in investors’ own brokerage accounts.

We screen and select promising up-and-coming portfolio managers, including Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) and individual investors. We then subject managers to a multi-month vetting process, and continually monitor them after they join the Covestor online marketplace for investing.

Our philosophy is that successful portfolio managers should be available to all investors, not just those with millions to invest. Portfolio managers can be found in unexpected places outside Wall Street, and we’re offering them on Covestor.

Smaller asset bases can allow managers to be nimble and focus only on their best investing ideas, and also help managers invest without worrying about potentially impacting markets with their trades.

Individuals who want to invest with emerging managers may be uncertain how to pick the right up-and-coming managers. Covestor can help confident investors evaluate emerging managers and choose the right strategy to fit their needs.

Take Covestor for a spin with a virtual $100,000 trial account. It’s a free 15-day trial featuring simulated functionality of a Covestor client account, and there are no obligations.

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DISCLAIMER:  The information in this material is not intended to be personalized financial advice and should not be solely relied on for making financial decisions.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Covestor provides limited due diligence to verify portfolio managers’ past investment performance, which is not audited or verified by an independent third party. Covestor Limited (“Covestor”) is an SEC registered investment adviser.  Information pertaining to the registration status of Covestor can be found at, or may be received from Covestor upon request.