More Useful Tools

 Following on from a previous post about useful tools for investors we continue to be approached about new offerings asking us to promote them to our community. We have no association with any of these organizations but thought we might highlight a few more to follow up on directly if you are interested:

Useful tools w/c 10/06/08

  • SmartStops – Sell Triggers: As the company describes them
    SmartStops are sell indicators that help you identify when your stock or ETF is
    likely to continue a price decline. Use SmartStop triggers to quickly respond to
    current market conditions and make exit decisions that better protect gains and
    guard against losses.
  • Stock Twits – Twitter Stock Notifications: Popular Twitter based service Stock Twits allows you to track stock related tweets from a single destination. On their site you can see what stocks people are talking about and who is saying what.
  • FeedTheBull – Digg for the stock market: Member ratings of recent stock related articles from across the web.

As before, let us know if there are on-line tools that you use and think would be valuable for us to highlight to the community.