Regular Post: Useful Tools For Investors

Here at Covestor we are frequently being approached by companies who have valuable offerings for self-directed investors. As such we thought we would start a series of blog posts highlighting these.

We are not able to partner with all of these organizations and so hopefully these posts are of value in highlighting tools you may not be aware of. For full disclosure we are not compensated in any way for mentioning them (and are not offering direct endorsement).

Useful tools w/c 02/25/08:

  • Portfolio123 – Quantitative Portfolio Modelling: Portfolio123 allows
    you to create, backtest and put into production quantitative
    strategies. You can screen stocks by applying your trading system to a
    model portfolio – avoiding the need to constantly monitor individual
  • TickerHound – Question/Answering community: provides a community built around questions and answers relating to the stock market. If you
    have a question about finance or investing, you can search through the questions that have been asked or put your issue directly to the community.
  • Tickermine – Filtered consumer news: Tickermine generates stories on a daily basis about sales trends, consumer preferences and buying patterns which can help inform your stock selection and valuation.

Let us know if there are any websites you have been using, or even work for, that you think it would be valuable to share with the community and we will review for inclusion in this regular feature.