Weekly Member Interview: Ward Kadel

Mohawkcrop_2 This weeks interview is with Covestor member Ward Kadel, aka drxeno. Ward works as a Senior Research Analyst at Genentech, Inc. where he develops pharmacodynamic assays for oncology
drugs that are about to enter, or are in, early clinical trials.

Ward holds a mixture of ultra-long ETF postions to balance his portfolio
across sectors and industries, with the rest in short
to medium long positions (1-2yr). His portfolio, largely held in his retirement accounts, has been closely tracking the S&P since his inception on Covestor back in June 2007.

Given his background in Biotech, Ward’s stock picks are weighted towards investments in the sector. In his Interview he talks about how he applies his clinical background in screening through journal articles and trials to pick out potential Biotech winners. He doesn’t see much upside in the near to mid-range future for big pharma – and shares his perspective on some of Biotech players that interest him.

Ward is the third most active commentator on Covestor – having updated his rationale for almost all of his positions so if you are interested in health care definitely worth checking out. You can also find his interview with The Wall Street Transcript at the top right hand side of his fact sheet.