Behold the Apple ecosystem

At first, there was no demand; now there is too much demand.

This is why you just have to love the stock market.

According to news reports, Apple (AAPL) iPhone X pre-orders could hit 50 million.





The result: Apple’s stock recently surged over 2 percent on October 30 hitting a new all-time high.




Soaring Suppliers

Apple suppliers got a boost, too.

Skyworks (SWKS), Broadcom (AVGO), and Qrovo (QRVO) all jumped by more than 3 percent

Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is what makes investing so hard, rumors fly around, and stocks move on a whim.

That said, until this report is verified by the company, it is just a tale.

Just look at some of the volatility in these stocks over the past few weeks.


Sky High

Skyworks is now basically kissing it’s all-time and likely to break out in my opinion. It is due to report results on November 3, after Apple.

I think Broadcom is in the same boat as Skyworks, and the chart looks pretty much the same, recently.

Broadcom likely won’t report till sometime in December.

Photo Credit: sabin paul croce via Flickr Creative Commons


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