McDonald’s needs to make a bold move now – Rothbort


The Wall Street Journal recently looked at how fast-food companies are revamping their menus in an attempt to attract new customers and boost sales.

For example, McDonald’s (MCD) is offering healthier menu items such as oatmeal, smoothies, salads and vegetables. However, the company has had a difficult time driving sales for these new offerings so far, according to the article.

Scott Rothbort, the founder of LakeView Asset Management who manages the Restaurant and Food Chain portfolio on the Covestor platform, offered his thoughts on McDonald’s recent moves:

“They’ve gone about as far as they can with their menu,” says Scott Rothbort, who holds McDonald’s shares as president of LakeView Asset Management and portfolio manager at Covestor. He says McDonald’s needs a bold move, like opening McCafé coffee shops inside gas stations or developing a higher-end burger or ethnic chain under a different brand name.

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