Join us at XSITE 2013, June 18/19 in Wellesley, MA

xsite logoCovestor is thrilled to be a sponsor of XSITE 2013, the upcoming conference run by Xconomy on the state and future of the Boston tech startup ecosystem.

Details on the conference from Xconomy:

When it comes to technology and business, New England isn’t Silicon Valley or New York—but who cares? What the Boston area has, besides an incredibly distinguished track record in computing, healthcare, energy, and other fields, is a huge amount of talent, capital, culture, and new ideas in a tighter concentration than any place on the planet. And in the past few years, the local innovation ecosystem has used that concentration to coalesce into a more unified whole. It’s more realistic now to ask: How can Boston tech companies lead the world? Which fields and startups are most promising? And will they succeed before getting bought out or moving west?

We are dedicating our fifth annual XSITE conference to the biggest global opportunities and challenges facing Boston-area innovators. We will convene top leaders across sectors in which New England is particularly strong: education, e-commerce, healthtech, big data, security, devices/robotics, mobile software, and social marketing and media. Over the course of an action-packed day, you’ll hear the stories, strategies, and insights of founders, investors, and executives building businesses that will define the next generation of Boston tech—and beyond.

XSITE will be held June 18 and 19 in Wellesley, MA (just outside of Boston) and it should be a fantastic conference with a ton of fascinating speakers and terrific networking opportunities. Register on Eventbrite.

Use the promotional code “Covestor” to receive your ticket for just $300.

See you there!