Verizon thrives in a digital world that needs to stay connected

The Internet has become part of my life and smartphones are my preferred method of staying connected on the go. During my last three-day vacation, I had a hard time breaking free of my addiction to the web even though that’s exactly what vacations are for.

For others, this need to stay plugged-in has materialized into having multiple devices. It is now common to own a laptop/desktop for working at a desk, a smartphone for traveling, and a tablet to fill in the gaps. In some cases, mobile devices have become the primary computing device, leaving out laptops and desktops altogether.

I believe Verizon (VZ) is still positioned to benefit from all this. For home connectivity, FiOS continually ranks high for its performance and users will likely bundle it with 4G LTE service as well. This way, folks could constantly stay connected to the web via Verizon’s services despite what device they use.

On the handset side, Samsung recently announced an update to its flagship phone with the Galaxy S4. It was met with mixed reviews mostly concerning the flood of new incremental features that many users may not utilize.

Samsung also plans to refresh its Galaxy Note lineup later this year. I believe there is now a window of opportunity for Apple (AAPL) to strike back with some true innovation. One strategic product announcement for something completely new could make the competition irrelevant once again.

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