Google’s spectacular rise to $10 billion in yearly profits

Since Apple’s fall from grace on the stock market, Google has re-emerged as the Wall Street darling from Silicon Valley. The company’s stock price is up 38 percent for the past 12 months, and closed at a new all-time high of $838.60 on March 5.

The reasons for Google’s latest rally are manifold. Most importantly, Google has a near-monopoly on web search and search advertising, yet manages to fend off antitrust allegations time and time again. The company’s mobile operating system Android has relegated Apple’s iOS to number two, putting Google in a great position as online activity is increasingly shifted towards mobile devices. On top of its operational success, Google has maintained its innovative edge, pursuing prestigious side-projects such as Google Glass or self-driving cars.

This infographic illustrates Google’s amazing growth since going public in 2004:

google rise

Infographic: Statista