Focus on what you can control

Mosaic FinancialAuthor: Mosaic Financial Partners

Covestor model: Strategic Asset Allocation

Last year reminded us of the importance of  maintaining a long term focus and an appropriate strategic asset allocation for a portfolio — the right mix of stocks, bonds, real estate and alternative investments, structured in consideration of the investor’s unique time horizon, risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Since these investment allocation decisions are driven primarily by one’s personal long-term investment needs and the historical relationships between the asset classes, few client allocations shifted during the year, despite 2011’s significant market volatility, the frustrating congressional dysfunction, the US credit- rating downgrade and the Eurozone debt crisis.

As we move further into 2012, it is important to remind ourselves of what we can control: long term spending, savings and investing goals. Investing for one’s future should not be done with a short-term mindset.

Overall, we are optimistic about the progress being made on the economic front, based on increasingly heartening economic news. We believe that our diversified Strategic Asset Allocation Covestor portfolio is well positioned to do relatively well in the variety of possible scenarios we face for 2012. Election years are usually good years for investors and we hope that will be true again this year.

While market results can never be promised, it is our hope and expectation that we can continue to assist you to help you progress toward your long term financial goals. Thank you for your continued confidence.