This federal attorney manages Covestor’s newest value model (BAC, GS)

Taj McCree is an attorney for the U.S. Federal Government. He says the attention to detail and voluminous reading required in his job have served him well as a value investor, which requires significant legwork in analyzing complex situations in the hunt for underpriced stocks. McCree describes his investment approach as follows:

I look for companies that are stable and produce dividends, or stable and undervalued. This strategy ensures a good mix of investments for my portfolio. I do not invest in high risk or speculative investments, and I prefer a fundamental approach to investing, focusing on those industries and regions with the most promise for growth and stability over the long-term. I have a cautious approach to buying and selling. Each trade is carefully evaluated. I never invest in securities hyped on television or through the financial rumor mill. I only invest in industries I understand and thoroughly research.

McCree bought his first stock while in college, but had been tracking the market since he was young:

My parents introduced me to a broker when I was around 12 years old. I was instantly hooked. I have followed the markets since that time, through the bubbles and bursts, bears and bulls, until I finally had enough income to begin investing myself. I dabbled at first, learning my way around. In 1998 I got serious and started investing small amounts in the market. Around 2006 I began investing much more. Over the last 3 years I have taken an interest in value investing.

Here’s what McCree likes to do in his downtime:

I am an avid recreationalist, a PADI certified rescue diver, USPA licensed skydiver and recreational motorcyclist. Although at first glance it may appear that I am a thrill seeker (which I readily admit), I am also safety conscious and risk-averse. Stephen King is my favorite modern author, but I also read classic from the likes of Steinbeck and Orson Wells.

McCree manages Covestor’s Value and Growth 2 model with current (8/16/11) top positions including Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS).