Netflix has consistently beat expectations (NFLX)

Tom Brakke, on his blog Research Puzzle Pix, recently published this chart, showing the price of Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) versus its average analyst price target over the last six years (data provided by Bloomberg):

Brakke notes that this pattern is uncommon, as analysts tend to become overly exuberant and raise their targets ahead of the market. In NFLX’s case this hasn’t happened fast enough, suggesting analysts have been too conservative. Read the full RP-Pix post here.

Covestor models that held positions in NFLX as of 8/2 include:

  • Deep Fundamental Analysis 
  • Disruptive Game-Changers
  • Fundamental Growth
  • Identifying Turning Points
  • Energy (Short NFLX)


“In Disbelief” Research Puzzle Pix, 8/2.