Our desire for financial peace

Another great sketch from Carl Richards:

From Richards’ newsletter accompanying the sketch:

In my conversations about money, the most common desire people express is a simple desire for peace. We all just seem to want to get out from under the constant stress that so often comes whenever we talk or think about money. Money is insanely emotional because of what it often represents. When we talk about money we are talking about our closest-held dreams and goals.

This sketch just reminded me of the fact that while it is often a rare event to be thinking about money while at the same time feeling peace, let’s all hope we can make decisions so that it happens more often.


“A Desire for Financial Peace” Carl Richards. Behaviorgap.com. http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=23ce2ac179e8158f7583c4e3f&id=f5c96fc534&e=9873987280