New Managers on Covestor (OSK, IWM, DIS)

We added a few new model managers and models to Covestor this week. The first is Sreeni Meka, a value investor who has a sixteen year history investing. In order to choose positions for his model, Sreeni conducts an in-depth analysis of companies by reviewing their annual and quarterly financial statements. Through that review, he develops his own conclusions about whether or not the company would make a good addition. His Long Term Value model is focused on low-risk equities of companies with a strong balance sheet. The model has a $5,000 subscription minimum and its top holding is Oshkosh Corp (NYSE: OSK).

Another new manager is Andrew Laubie. Andrew began his investing career in a large investment firm but now works for a boutique firm. He believes that, “Investing is like a beauty pageant where you try to figure out who the judges will vote for, not who you think should win.” Andrew uses technical analysis, fundamental analysis, statistical analysis and macro/micro analysis in order to anticipate the whims of the “judges.” His Russell 2000 Long-Short model attempts to outperform the annual performance of the Russell 20000 Index. The model goes long on bullish trends and short on bearish trends. Currently, the model has shorted shares of iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund (IWM). The subscription minimum for this model is $5,000.

Finally, manager Mark Holder (who has had the Opportunistic Arbitrage model on Covestor since February of this year) added a new model. Mark’s new model is Net Payout Yields and it focuses on large cap stocks that are financially stable and have high net payout yields. The model will generally hold from 15 to 20 positions and has a $5,000 subscription minimum. The model’s top holding is Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS).