The IA investing journey

By: Neerja Caprihan, Interactive Advisors

Back in 2007, online investing was still in its infancy. It was a year that went down in history for some of the most famous technological milestones. We were right up there with the best of them. Interactive Advisors was officially born as Covestor that year, shaped with a vision to bring investing to the online doorstep of keen and discerning investors. 

In the online world of investment platforms, Interactive Advisors holds its own as an award-winning  robo-advisor. Its technology lets clients automatically make the same trades professional portfolio managers, or Interactive Advisors itself, make with their own money. This methodology of mirror-trading, replication or co-trading has been exciting for the amateur and professional investor alike.

Since its inception, Interactive Advisors has gone from strength to strength. As Covestor, it was initially launched as a free service for investors to track trades and build track records. In turn, the site users could learn the ropes by diligently following these leading performers. They could read about their strategies and keep track of the actual trades of the top leaders. The firm generated a widespread buzz  when investment management capability was integrated with social investing. The track records could be mirrored for a small fee, and the holders of those track recorders became the virtual portfolio managers. A free trial account service was also offered. 

Literally and figuratively, the company has zealously made the huge jump from functioning with a small team in a quaint basement in the heritage parts of London,

to a large group operating from the classy premises in an iconic high-rise building.

It continues to uphold that tradition of a meteoric rise to date, in the form of Interactive Advisors – a proud affiliate of Interactive Brokers. Its simple online platform makes the investing experience easy and transparent by giving clients access to an account that grows with them and also lets them choose how to invest. Clients can choose from a variety of themed portfolios with just a $100 minimum. The offerings are continuously evolved to cater to the changing needs of the astute investor.

The progress of Interactive Advisors through its formative years has been gloriously exhilarating and deeply fulfilling. Our awards are a testament to our unwavering diligence and consistent performance. It is another year to celebrate who we are and what we do, to cut the cake and blow out the candles, but more importantly, to thank all our patrons for the amazing journey so far. And if you have not joined us yet, it is never too late to do so here.




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