Building a Super Bowl portfolio

If you’re a sports fan, or you enjoy watching commercials, this week might be as good as it gets with the broadcast of Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3 .

Here in Las Vegas where I work and live, the town is always jammed with people visiting to enjoy and wager on the game.

All over the US, families and friends get together to watch the two remaining NFL teams play to decide which one will be the champion.


Wide Range

In most years, the championship-caliber finalists have very few weaknesses and are considered well balanced.

If one wants superior performance with investments, as in your portfolio delivering better returns than the major market indexes, in my opinion that calls for using multiple approaches across a wide range of asset categories.

In this regard, especially with respect to stocks, in my view you want to own great businesses.

Sizing Up

It is the foundation of a good portfolio. The tricky part is sizing up a business and potential investments using the right lenses.

Growth and value are tied at the hip, and in my opinion a well-rounded investor can use both styles to find holdings that suit a client’s portfolio.

I think that an equally important issue for investors is to have a long-range time horizon.


As we have repeatedly learned in recent months, markets are volatile.

Great businesses have the ability to endure, adapt, improve and change to overcome competitors year after year.

The well-rounded investor, like the championship teams that make it to the Super Bowl, is able to constantly improve and bolster shortcomings in an effort to deliver returns.

Photo Credit: Keith Allison via Flickr Creative Commons