It’s a jungle out there

As a boy and later a young man, I was ultra-competitive and took losing very hard.

The same can be said for many people, but consider yourself fortunate if you received the proper guidance on dealing with setbacks.

If one figures out the mistakes made and how to improve on those areas, ultimately you can wind up stronger in the long term.


Brutal Competition

In nearly every field, but especially business, competition is brutal.  

Let’s take money management as an example.

If you are a good investor and find a way to outperform market indexes (a very difficult task), you would think people would beat down your door so you can help them grow their capital.  

Maybe, maybe not.

Smart Investors

It turns out there are other good investors, and not just in equity investing.  

They can be also be found in fixed income (bonds), venture capital, real estate, commodities, private equity, hedge funds, currencies and options.  

With technology, the current environment makes it so you can mix and match any one of these asset classes in search of the ideal portfolio.

Anyway, in every area of the economy the competition is fierce, in my opinion.  
Photo Credit: Mycatkins via Flickr Creative Commons