Covestor webinar

The US election, Brexit, geopolitical risk: The current global investment climate poses real challenges for investors.

Perhaps it’s time to explore the new online investing trend – an easier, smarter and less expensive way to invest.

Join us for a free webinar from 12 to 1pm Eastern time on Thursday, August 4, 2016 to learn all about “Co-vesting.”


The Covestor Way

Covestor, a member of the Interactive Brokers Group, connects investors to money pros.

Investors can automatically and simultaneously make the same trades as seasoned portfolio managers. We will show you how–and how affordable–access to that kind of expertise and trading strategies can be.

So please register for our webinar, hosted by Joe Sullivan, Director, Manager Relations, Covestor.

Learn more about us at our August 4th webinar.

If you cannot attend the live event, you may register and receive a link to watch the recording.