Four reasons why digital marketplaces succeed or fail


Our chief executive, Asheesh Advani, recently wrote a column for about why some online marketplaces like Zillow and Uber are disrupting their industries, while others are languishing.

“In the same way we learned more than a decade ago that being a dot-com was not in itself a guarantee of success, today we’re learning that not all Internet marketplaces gain traction,” Advani said.

“If there were a foolproof formula, all marketplace opportunities would already be occupied and the world would be a much more efficient place,” the Covestor CEO added. “As I’m in the marketplace-building business, I’ve deconstructed dozens of marketplaces—successful and not—to analyze what conditions need to be present for a marketplace to take hold.”

In the article, Advani discussed:

  1. Transparency
  2. Fragmentation
  3. Costs
  4. Balancing technology with a human touch.

You can read the full column at

Photo credit: Uber

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