Covestor’s Sizemore tells CNBC why he’s bullish on Mexico

Covestor manager Charles Sizemore, who manages four portfolios on the site, was interviewed by CNBC about the economic prospects for Mexico, which is now liberalizing its energy industry.

Sizemore says a more open energy market offers great opportunities for investors. “Just look for anyone who could benefit from increased oil development,” he said, adding that other sectors in Mexico deserve a look.

“You can’t overstate the benefits Mexico enjoys through NAFTA and by being next door to the U.S.,” Sizemore told CNBC.

And what about rising labor costs in Mexico? “What you lose in higher wages you get back in faster, cheaper transport and the benefits of a known, friendly territory,” including an abundance of bilingual talent, according to Sizemore.

Sizemore manages the Tactical ETF, the Strategic Growth Allocation, the Dividend Growth and Sizemore Global Macro portfolios.