Why I’m staying with closed end funds in this market

I continue to focus on my own investing discipline as it applies to my Covestor models (MLP, Taxable Income, Activism Profile , Long/Short Opportunistic, Core). I attempt to achieve my exposure to risk assets with Closed-End Funds and other securities where I believe there are catalysts to achieve relative price-outperformance.

Since my last broad commentary published October 1st, I’ve remained bullish through a lot of “noise.” Perhaps more relevant, I’ve remained focused on less-followed securities, largely Closed End Funds. That’s a bigger priority for me than anticipating moves in single stocks like Apple (AAPL) or Facebook (FB). I do not anticipate that my bread will get buttered focusing on stocks that get the attention of the talking heads. I believe trying to outsmart the broad market is often a fool’s game.

While the financial sentiment being reported by journalists has improved significantly, the longer term economic backdrop continues to lack attractive liquid alternatives to risk assets. In my opinion,there may be market upside for investors who embrace equities.

Trying to trade in and out of the broad market is not something I seek to do. Market timing is for folks who think they are smarter than the market. I do tend to be less greedy when I sense others are becoming more so. But temptation to broadly take profits here would be more emotionally fulfilling than wise, I think. Emotional fulfillment rarely serves ones investing discipline. I always seek to separate emotions from investing decisions. I prefer and anticipate a rising tide that would lift most ships, my vessel included. Still, I’m going to measure myself on how my vessel performs relative to other ships.