Why I’m sticking with GT Advanced Technologies

It has been a fantastic year for the market with the S&P 500 Index (SPX) up more than 14% YTD. My China & India portfolio has under-performed the market since the beginning of the year, but is up 13.3% over the past 90 days as of November 11.

Although I’ve traded in and out of Vera Bradley (VRA), I believe these position adjustments leave the portfolio primed for success for the remainder of 2012.

A while back I predicted that the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) would close the year at 160. For this to happen it would take a momentous move in the markets in a very short period of time. Although this is possible, it is not probable in my opinion and I have been adjusting expectations for 2013.

My largest holding, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) has seriously underperformed  and is down 40% YTD as of November 11. After a recent convertible bond offering at 3% and restructuring of the company, in which 25% of the workforce was sacked, I am confident that GTAT has the balance sheet to thrive in the coming years.

I recently added more to my holdings in GTAT and anticipate an opportunity during earnings to add more shares. My new valuation for GTAT has changed after the convertible offering and restructuring.

In my opinion, the company will deliver $500 million in revenues for 2013, compared to $630 million through the third quarter of 2012. I am also factoring .10 per share bump in EPS due to the restructuring. So finally with .85 EPS in 2013 projected I see $4.25 as the new floor in the stock with upside potential to the $10 range.

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