Going long Best Buy and short natural gas

Author: Brendan Ruchert-Dixon

Covestor models: Alpha Trapper and Beta Blocker

As far as price movement, September was uneventful for my models. They had little volatility, but both under-performed as QE 3 turned out to be “QE infinity,” giving the market a bit larger of a bump than I expected.

Moving forward, I expect like there will be a struggle where mostly poor news in global economics and politics is pitted against extreme efforts of global central banks to prop up the markets.  While I don’t know which force will prevail, I think the effect is likely to be more bullish for commodities than I previously had thought.  For this reason I recently increased my short positions in Proshares UltraShort Silver (ZSL) and Proshares UltraShort Crude Oil (SCO).

Elsewhere in the portfolio, I have reduced my holdings of Asta Funding (ASFI).  I do expect further gains and may have sold a little too soon, but because the most-certain gains have already been achieved, and due to some negative technical effects associated with having too much of an illiquid low-volume stock in the portfolio, I decided to start focusing more elsewhere.

One new focus is Best Buy (BBY).  While I doubt the long-term future of the company is likely to be great, I think the current balance sheet and near-term earnings, combined with the near-term possibility of a buyout at much higher than today’s price, make it worth a shot at recent prices.

I have also tiptoed back into a short position in natural gas via UNG.  With natural gas prices on the rise lately despite continued high supply, and fairly strong contango still in effect, I envision UNG’s price to once again erode over time, as it has so often in the past.

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