SoundView’s Kris Tuttle: Nanotechnology is huge and will soon touch everyone

Kris Tuttle and Stephen Waite of SoundView Investment just launched their first Covestor model: SoundView Technology. Kris and Stephen have over 30 years of experience each in emerging technologies, equity research and asset management. Both have run large organizations and multibillion dollar equity portfolios. For the SoundView Technology model, the process starts by recognizing important shifts driven by new technologies and then looks at the companies that stand to win or lose based on these changes.

Kris was recently a guest on the radio show at’s News @ 7, where he described his background in some detail, and shared his views on artificial intelligence, real VR (virtual reality) and nanotechnology, which he sees as now “becoming central to a whole bunch of innovative companies that are capturing market share in major industries, like energy, healthcare and materials.” Listen to the show by clicking play below: