Biotechs with known catalysts performing well – Michael Wagner

Author: Michael Wagner

Covestor model: Small-Cap Swing Trader

Disclosures: None

It was a good month of June for me. According to Covestor calculations, the model was up 4.89% in June. Over the three months 4-6/11, the model was down 2.46%. For the first half of 2011, the model was up 3.51% while the benchmark Russell 2000 was up just 2.46%.

The biotechs with known catalysts strategy seems to be working in this market. I also believe we are in for a bigger bounce in the overall markets then most people expect. I am not typically bullish or bearish. I try extremely hard to be objective.

I see this market going up more than other expect for purely technical reasons, and I will be taking positions accordingly.