Thomas Yorke’s Oceanic Capital Management: Top down, then bottom up (BIL, SLV, QQQ)

Oceanic Capital Management (OCM) is a registered investment advisor run by Thomas Yorke, an investment professional with 25 years’ of experience in the institutional marketplace at firms such as Lehman Bros., Tokai Securities, Refco Securities, Dinosaur Securities, and AMM.

Yorke has managed the preponderance of his own and his family’s funds under the umbrella of, and employing the same strategies as, OCM, which means top-down analysis that begins with prudent asset allocations. After determining proper allocations, Yorke uses economic and fundamental analysis to target specific positions, and then technical analysis to time entry and exit decisions.

OCM’s newest Covestor model is the Global Diversified Moderate model which is

distinguished by diversification across multiple asset classes, no leverage, regular rebalancing and OCM’s contrarian bias. The goal is a portfolio that delivers attractive returns while retaining relatively low volatility and risk profiles.

Current top positions in this model include the SPDR Barclay’s Capital 1-3 Month Treasuries ETF (NYSE: BIL), the iShares Silver Trust ETF (NYSE: SLV) and the PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF (NASDAQ: QQQ).