Weekly Member Interview: Timothy Sykes

This weeks interview is with colorful Covestor member Tim Sykes. Many of you will know Tim’s story already, turning his $12k Barmitvah money into
$1.65 million while still a student at Tulane University before founding his hedge fund,
Cilantro Fund Management, LLC in 2003. He has since written a book, An American Hedge Fund, recounting his experiences – and is attempting to replicate the achievement live both on Covestor and his blog at TimothySykes.com.

Tim’s focus is on Short-Bias small cap and microcap stocks. He trades his own system, following a set of pattern day trading rules. In his interview he discusses the system, and the momentum behind movements in the penny stocks he trades.

Tim is building quite a media reputation for himself as the new Jim Cramer, including a recent interview on Wallstrip. He has his critics but, unlike other pundits, his performance has spoken for itself. He is currently ranked 1st on Covestor by Annualized return and is the 4th most followed member on the site.

Ask Tim questions, or receive live notifications of his trades, directly from his account. You can also find his interview with The Wall Street Transcript Interview at the top right hand side of his fact sheet.