Two New Auto Brokers Enabled (With Disclaimers)

Two new broker agents are now available for automatic import to Covestor- thinkorswim and E*Trade Canada. Both of these imports come with minor disclaimers when importing directly to Covestor.

Logothinkorswim_4 thinkorswim is a  subsidiary of Investools Inc. and a fantastic broker, that provides services targeted at self-directed options traders and active traders.

The disclaimer is that we do not yet support options, futures or FOREX – only equities (long and short), mutual funds and ETFs. As such only your equity positions  will import automatically from thinkorswim at this point. We will be adding options shortly.

THe E*Trade Canada agent is now also on the live site for automatic import. We have had a great deal of demand from investors in Canada, and this is the first of the local brokers we are able to support directly.

The disclaimer is that the auto option is only recommended for users of E*Trade Canada who trade on a Canadian exchange. E*Trade Canada unfortunately does not distinguish between US and Canadian stock symbols, and so if a stock exists on both exchanges with the same symbol your performance/valuation will not be correctly calculated. As such please only use this if trading locally.

If you are an existing manual member using either of these brokers and wish to
upgrade to automatic import let us know and we will enable this for you.