Minor Site Updates: Member Suggested

We have made a few changes to the site recently, some of which you may have already noticed, in response to feedback from members. Please keep this coming as there have been some great ideas, and our updates will continue to be led by your suggestions. Recent changes include:

  • Sortable Holdings Tables: Click on the arrow next to the title of any column on a holdings table to sort the table by that column:


  • Ability to Post Comments Across The Web: If you have a ‘public’ investment record you can post/tag your Holding Rationale from Covestor to a range of sites across the web including Facebook, Digg and Del.icio.us:


  • Clearer Chart Colours: A couple of members had difficulty distinguishing colours on the performance charts so these have changed to clearer red line for the member and blue for the benchmark:
  • Better Page Navigation: When you start tracking a member you are taken straight to the ‘replicate’ page to see what holdings you would need to have to replicate their holdings at that point in time, and when you edit your Fact Sheet you get taken straight to the updated Fact Sheet.

Keep the feedback coming – your input is greatly appreciated!