Author: Leif Eriksen

About Leif Eriksen

I am a long term investor with experience in both good and bad markets. My success is the result of a sound intellectual framework and an unemotional approach to decision making. I'm an engineer and consultant, focusing on the benefits of using information technology, and I incorporate this knowledge in my investment decisions.

Leif Eriksen October Monthly Investment Report (BBEP)

Disclaimer: Leif Eriksen owns BBEP in his Covestor Performance with Protection model. October 1, 2010: It’s official. September 2010 is the best September in the market in 71 years! What has traditionally been a seasonally weak period has defied expectations. Another reason not to pay any attention to the noise […]

Leif Eriksen September Monthly Investment Report (PEP)

The cover of the August 30th issue of Barron’s might well have read “Abandon Hope All Ye Individual Investors Who Enter Here” (apologies to Dante Alighieri). First, Alan Abelson informs us that the deck is stacked against us, then Vito Racanelli tells us it’s not a stock picker’s market, and later on Jim McTague explains how the May 6th Flash Crash might have been rigged. What’s an independent investor to do? Follow the herd into the bond market? Find refuge in cash?