Airline Stocks Weather Travel Delays; Streaming Video War Heats Up (LCC, UAL, DAL, AMR, NFLX, AAPL, SHLD)

Holiday travelers are still facing delays in getting home, some as long as six days due to the recent snow storm. But airline stocks still don’t seem to be suffering any major fallout. AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR), which operates American Airlines, closed at $7.78 on December 23rd and at the same $7.78 on December 29th. United Continental Holdings (UAL) had a closing price of $23.41 on December 23rd and $23.46 on December 29th. US Airways Group (NYSE: LCC) closed at $9.91 on December 23rd and at $10.14 on December 29th and Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) also saw a slight increase, rising from its closing price of $12.23 on December 23rd to $12.66 on December 29th. This is especially interesting in light of Tuesday’s announcement that several airlines (including DAL and UAL) would be raising their prices.

Yesterday we discussed the impressive rise in Sears Holdings Corporation’s (Nasdaq: SHLD) stock price and the launch of Sears’ new video streaming service. Today, Sears continued its run, rising from $70.02 to $74.49 — a 6.38 percent increase. Conversely, Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) was down 1.85 percent to $180.27. In what looks like an attempt to beat SHLD at the streaming video game, NFLX announced today that they would try to take their business overseas. But don’t count out Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) whose iTunes video rental service could be making about $1 billion annually by 2015, although it’s currently doing just 10 percent of the amount of business NFLX is doing, according to analysts at Gleacher & Co.

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*All price information courtesy of Yahoo Finance and CNN Money.