The Federal Reserve Moves Forward as Orders for New Manufactured Goods Rise (F, TM, HMC)

The ADP October 2010 National Employment Report (which you can access here) announced an increase of 43,000 private-sector jobs during the month of October. The report also states that job gains since February have been increasing with an average of 34,000 new jobs per month.

New orders for manufactured goods increased by 2.1 percent in September, according to a report released by the Department of Commerce today. The report (which you can read here) also mentions that new orders for manufactured durable goods were up 3.5 percent.

This afternoon, the Federal Reserve announced that it would be purchasing another $600 billion in treasuries by the end of quarter two 2011, pacing the purchase by buying $75 billion each month (you can read their full release here).  While the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose after the good economic news, Fed release and election results, the gains for the day were relatively conservative, totaling 26.41 points to 11,215.13. The Nasdaq rose 6.75 points to 2,540.27 and the S&P 500 gained 4.39 points to 1,197.96.

European markets were down on Wednesday while Asian markets were mixed.

Stocks in the news: Ford Motor Co (NYSE: F), Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE: TM), Honda Motor Company Limited (NYSE: HMC).